Curt Parker PictureBook Studio | About
I’m a jeweler and designer by trade. Please see http:/​/​curtparker.​com Currently, photography is something I do to satisfy my need to always create. I refer to my work as fashionography. As a fashionographer I strive to have each photo tell a story through the body, eyes and soul of the model.

I am the Fashion photographer for UPTOWN Magazine. http:/​/​www.​uptownstl.​com/​

My photography is inspired by my natural curiosity and the endless variety of people, places, and things to photograph. When I work with models, it is most often on my own artistic projects, so is frequently TFP,

I love street photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls and other settings. Street photography is not just photographing the beautiful part of the city; it’s about capturing the “gritty” side too. I don’t want to take a photo that has been done thousands times before.

If you're passionate and excited about what you do, then contact me. I love working with people who have ideas they want to share. If you have an idea for something you want to express, contact me and let's do it. I am motivated by ideas. I love an interesting concept. I would prefer models who can do their own hair and makeup for fashion /glam pictures editorial, headshots, etc. I do have an excellent partner who does hair, makeup and she is also a fashion designer who can provide a fashion wardrobe for your shoot for a small fee. She is also an excellent photo stylist too.

I love to photograph children and young people and women. Presently, I’m doing / fashion glam photography, creating something good, wholesome, and beautiful.

I like to have fun, and make people happy, that's the reason why I take photographs.